4-27 Meeting:


  • Mike revised the Movie Timeline.
  • Team reviewed slides for the final presentation.
  • Team uploaded any remaining content from Google Drive folder to website.

4-25 Meeting:


  • All worked on adding slides to presentation. Each person wrote slides that pertained to the work and research that they did so far for the website.

4-23 Meeting:


  • Andrew and Mike addressed Prof. Pray’s comments on computing technologies in CitizenFour
  • William wrote a section on computer reliability
  • Steven added to movie makers’ intent
  • We agreed to meet on Tuesday (4/25) morning to work further on the presentation

4-13 Meeting:


  • Prior to this meeting, everyone edited each other’s content for the website.
  • During the meeting, we discussed the edits and continued to work on the website content.

4-8 Meeting:


  • Will added pages for each section and menu to the website
  • Mike added a Citizenfour image to and updated the home page
  • Steve/Andrew worked on chapter content


  • Edit each other’s content, upload to website

4-2 Meeting:


  • Will made the website
    • Mike sent the link to Prof. Pray
  • Divided up the work
  • Planned a meeting for next weekend


  • Will
    • Setup website
    • Work on 2 chapters
  • Mike
    • Work on 2 chapters
    • Clean up timeline
  • Steven
    • Work on 2 chapters
    • Movie Maker’s Intent
  • Andrew
    • Work on 2 chapters
    • List of Computing Technologies